What I learned in February: vegan baking

As I may have mentioned, this year, instead of resolutions, I am challenging myself to learn or do something each month.  January was meditation using the Headspace app, and which I am still using and enjoying.  My February project was vegan baking, as I mentioned in this post (A huge and often very fun puzzle).

In reality, I only baked three things – a pineapple upside down cake, scones and a carrot, apple and orange cake as pictured in the featured image at the top of the post.  This was definitely the best.  The scones and pineapple upside down cake were really good, don’t get me wrong, but missed that special flavour butter gives to baking.  This cake, however, was full of gorgeous flavours, and combining fruit, vegetables and nuts, almost felt healthy.  Almost…. I didn’t make the icing as it is not something I enjoy.  One issue though with this recipe – it was far too moist, and needed an extra 20 minutes in the oven (I have a fan assisted oven so usually things take a little less time).  It was still a trifle undercooked, and I would suggest if you make it that you add the almond milk slowly and stop when the mixture looks right.

Recipe from Gaz Oakley aka Avant Garde Vegan “Vegan 100”

I’ve used vinegar combined with baking powder to help the cake rise and chia seeds as an egg substitute, but have still to try using aquafaba, that liquid that you get in a tin of chickpeas.  This recipe for a banana, run and raisin cake from Tassy Bakes looks like the perfect one to try using this ingredient.

Verdict on February’s goal/challenge: the baking turned out really well, and I would definitely use these recipes again.

And so to March…and as we will be travelling to Europe, I am going to pick up my Duolingo Swedish lessons again.  However, it is already the 3rd, and I have yet to start. Mind you, tomorrow I will watch more of Melodifesitvalen, so I count that as Swedish practice!  How are your goals for 2018 going?



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