All good things…

…must come to an end as they say, and so our holiday over The Ditch drew to an end, with rain and slightly cooler days (well….about 32C or so…). On our last full day we took another wander up to The Rocks, the old part of the city.  It’s a fun area to wander about and spot things along the way.

Memorial to early settlers 

During the 1970s, the local community were concerned about being moved out of the area, and residents called on the trade union movement and local celebrities to help them save the area. In 1973, protesters clashed with police in what is now The Rocks Square, after non-union labour was employed to demolish a shed to make way for a new theatre. However in 1975, a compromise was reached, and all buildings north of a major road were to be retained, conserved and restored, as can be seen today.

One thing we spotted was this cute dog, who reminded me very much of Greyfriar’s Bobby in Edinburgh.  The statue stands outside his owner’s home, and was a well known local character, apparently known for jumping off balconies to chase cats.

Biggles, a loved friend of the rocks
Stopping for much needed water in The Rocks Square
One of the older buildings, now a museum

From there, we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, for some air conditioned culture (much as we had done a couple of days earlier, after visiting the Botanic Gardens at the Art Gallery of New South Wales). Both of these galleries are free, except for special exhibitions, and definitely worth a visit if you are in Sydney.

Exhibit in the MCA

On our very last morning, we returned to the Australian Museum, which we visited last year, but found all sorts of things we had missed first time around and also caught the Australian Geographic Nature Photography of the Year exhibition, which was well worth seeing, with some wonderful wildlife images.  This museum was built in 1830, and is home to collections of all things connected to nature from dinosaurs to stuffed animals to  rocks.  It is well worth exploring, and is a lovely building too.

Australian Museum

And so our holiday came to an end, a few days of hot weather, culture, nature, good food and shopping.  It is a city that is well worth visiting, so add it on to your list of places to go if it isn’t already there.

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