Beside the seaside

Last year on our trip to Sydney, we took a trip to Manly. As I wrote last year, the trip is well worth it, if only for a fantastic view of those two icons of the city – Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  The journey takes about 30 minutes from Circular Quay, and you can use the Opal public transport card to get there.  Ferries run about every 20 minutes or so.

Sailing past Fort Denison

We headed off early in the morning with temperatures in the low 30s (Centigrade obviously!), and on arrival in Manly, went straight down to the beach, found a nice spot, and while Karl went swimming, I sat and read.  It was busy, as you might expect for a sunny day during the main holiday period, but it was still so good to sit in the sun on the beach.

It wasn’t as windy as it looks….just at that point!
Blue skies, blue water

Last year we had found a Swedish run café called Fika Swedish Kitchen, and it was there we headed for lunch.  Karl naturally opted for the meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberries, and I had their Toast Skagen, prawns, dill and lemon mayo with avocado, stacked on sourdough toast.  It was so good and worth waiting a year to eat!

Toast Skagen
Fika Swedish Kitchen, Manly

After lunch, we went for a stroll long to Shelly Bay, meeting several Australian water dragons on the way.  Like last year, we noticed how used to people they seem to be, observing us as we walked by and almost posing for photographs.

Spot the two lizards
An Australian water dragon

It was then time to catch the ferry back, after a glorious day at the beach, and an excellent lunch.

Sailing back

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