Blogmas 2017 Day 3: Thorndon Fair

Saturday ended with some positive news, and as life goes on, so too must blogmas for this year.  Today, Sunday, we turn out attention to the institution that is the Thorndon Fair. In fact, I blogged about it as part of blogmas last year too.  We are having what I can only describe as sticky weather, with sun and cloud in equal measures, which is not that pleasant.  Still, it was fine for the fair which is what matters.

The headline picture at the top of the post shows the crowds gathering down and around part of Tinakori Road (see this blog post here for what it looks like on a normal week day).  There were stalls with locally produced olive oil, spices, clothing, second hand stuff, jewellery, crafts, name it.  Look carefully at the bottom the picture…can you see the dog in the buggy looking expectantly at its owner, hoping a snack is on its way? Quite a few of the local businesses joined in, such as Hillside’s special fair offerings.

On the menu at Hillside Kitchen
Stall with kiwiana

Naturally, I bought a few things – some tea, some spices and some seeds to top lunch time salads.  We stopped for an excellent sandwich from Cosa Nostra and a beer at Sprig and Fern, before walking home.

Seeds and spices
Some teas to try
All sorts of things in this sandwich

Today is also the first Sunday in Advent, so we lit the first Advent candle.  Even though we are about to celebrate our fifth Christmas in New Zealand, it still seems a bit odd to be wearing shorts instead of a big sweater as we celebrate the start of the season.  Still, it is the start of summer, which is surely a cause for celebration in itself.  What did you all do on this first weekend in December?

Poppies on the first Sunday in Advent

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