This week’s small pleasures #75

So here we are again with a round up of a few small pleasures of the week.  I talked about my walks through the Botanic Gardens earlier in the week, so that can be added to  the list too.

Charlie’s 10th birthday

Well, this is really just an excuse to post pictures of this little black ball of fur.  He was 10 on Saturday, and spent the day visiting friends, returning for dinner and sleep.

Charlie at 10
Off on an adventure

Sweet treats

For someone who doesn’t really have a sweet tooth, there has been an awful lot of chocolate around!  First up, I popped into the vegan shop, V1, on Cuba Street just as they were closing, and was offered this vegan dark chocolate cup cake for free.  It was extremely rich and far too much for one person, but it was excellent proof that vegan baking can be just as good as traditional baking.

Vegan cupcake

On Saturday, we headed over to the first Polish Christmas Market over in Newtown.  Gosh was it busy!  We were there not that long after opening, and we had to queue to get in! The place was full, and apparently stayed like that the whole time it was open.  I picked up a few ptasie mleczko, a sort of light, frothy confection like a not too sweet marshmallow, covered in dark chocolate.  They are such a classic, having first appeared in Poland in 1936.

Ptasie mleczko

Flowers of the week – no words necessary

Deep red blooms

Sitting in the sun

There has been enough good weather around to make sitting in the sun a possibility on more than one occasion.  This is one of my favourite things – just sitting in the sun reading.  (In case you are wondering about the different colour of planks, we had a leak that had to be fixed and the old ones had to be ripped up and new ones put down).

Sitting in the afternoon sun

Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the original idea. What have been your small pleasures this week?

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