The taste test #2

Friends – I have a big confession to make.  I ate beetroot again.  I am (almost) a changed woman, one that might eat beetroot.  But for those of you who like me are (were?) staunch members of the ‘I hate beetroot club’, I am sorry to announce that I no longer hate, only dislike.  Dear readers…if beetroot is in very small pieces, roasted to an inch of its life with  olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a mini drizzle of maple syrup (or honey), then it is quite edible.  This does not mean I will eat any beetroot, but my palate is slowly getting used to it.  Plus it looks lovely. Score out of 5….3.

A golden beetroot

It was also a week in which to try another product from Field Roast, namely the Wild Mushroom slices.  These slices are designed for sandwiches, and are made from shiitake, champignon and porcini mushrooms.  My Friday lunch was a sandwich with a couple of slices of this, lettuce cucumber and mayonnaise, and I have to report it was really good. It was so nice to find something like this.  Score out of 5…4.5.

A vegan lunch option

Third taste test of the week was Raglan Coconut Yoghurt, mango and turmeric flavour.  I don’t usually buy flavoured yoghurt because of all the sugar (refined or not, it is still sugar), but this looked lovely on the shelf in the glass jar.  Verdict?  Well, it was sweet, and the coconut flavour was far stronger than the mango. No bad thing of course, but not as exciting a product as I had hoped.  It was nice in a little bowl as desert.  Score out of 5…3 (want to give it more because of the packaging!).


Finally…vegan cheese taste test of the week is Zenzo’s Dairy Free Vegan Cheddar.  This is made in New Zealand and they advertise that they pay a living wage – two plus points on that count.  It is a coconut based cheese, rather than a nut based one.  On opening, the scent was that of most other vegan cheeses.  However, the texture was really good, and it almost tasted like real cheese and I would definitely buy this again.  Score out of 5…4 as it wasn’t real cheddar.

Anyone tasted anything new or interesting this week?  Let me know!
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