A short trip to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

Having spent Saturday night watching the election results from New Zealand (enough said…), we recovered by heading out on Sunday morning to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, to forget about the world and enjoy nature. The reserve is about 50 minute drive from Canberra, and has a mix of long and short walks as well as offering up the opportunity to spot wildlife.

We decided to visit The Sanctuary, a wetlands area, surrounded by predator proof fences. Here you have a good chance of spotting wildlife, as well as having a beautiful walk.

The water flows over…
More of the wetlands
Look carefully…there is a kookaburra….

The circuit walk took about 90 minutes, and we spotted lots of birds, the rear end of a potoroo diving into the bush, lots of kangaroos driving up to the reserve and…koalas.

Koalas, mum and baby
Trees and blue, spring skies
Feeding time for the pelican (also spotted a platypus here)
Stunning yellow blooms
Viewpoint over the reserve and beyond
Another stunning view

I can highly recommend this as a place to go should you be visiting Canberra. We only walked one small area, but got to see so much, and really enjoyed our visit.

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