This week’s small pleasures #67

So here we are again, with another round of this week’s small pleasures.  I think this is such an important exercise to do, especially when there things aren’t perhaps as good as they could be.  There are always some little highlights that bring us joy – we just need to stop and think about them.

A film

On Sunday, I finally managed to see the film Kedi, about the cats of Istanbul.  Now, if you like cats, you will love this film.  There were so many lovely feline creatures, and so many wonderful people who care for these street cats.  Take some tissues though as you might need them!

Before the film…

…I treated myself to a pot of Tokyo Lime green tea and a berry friand, just because I could.  See the featured image at the top of the post.

Waiting for the film

Food shopping

I couldn’t resist the porcini tortellini, to enjoy one day when I want a quick dinner, nor could I resist the whitloof or chicory and radicchio.  So looking forward to some sort of salad based around these leaves.  There was some more vegan cheese (see taste test in last post) and some lemony goat cheese from The Drunken Nanny, which was delicious on a bagel for Sunday breakfast.  It’s still a bit early for tomatoes, but I am craving them, and I also got some baby cucumbers and yet more oranges, my fruit of the moment.  See the little dark red ball in the bottom right?  That is a mini red cabbage I picked up for NZ $1 !

Some of this week’s treats

…and what I did with that cute cabbage…

A perfect little red cabbage…
…got made into a coleslaw with grated carrot, tahini, lemon juice and a few raisins

Warmer weather (?)

Well, there have been some warmer days, and I really don’t want my big winter coat, but it is still early spring, so the weather is still a bit mixed.  It was almost warm enough to sit outside and eat lunch on Saturday…almost….for about 10 minutes…

A bowl with leaves, falafel, hummus, tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, olives and radish micro greens


He greets me when I come home from work, rolling over, so pleased to see me. But he’s up to his old tricks and making new friends, judging by the text messages I received on Saturday when I didn’t know where he was.  He will never change and we love him dearly.

So, where will I go today?

And most important…

Mani over at A New Life Wandering, who got me on the small pleasures post idea, had a baby girl.  Congratulations Mani! Here are her small pleasures this week.

And if you haven’t done so already, pop over to Middle Europe too.

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