This week’s small pleasures #66

So here we are again, this Monday evening in New Zealand, and time to reflect on this week’s small pleasures.  It wasn’t a good week what with one thing and another, but there were still a few things that brought a smile to my face.

A cheese scone

A warm scone and a cup of tea is always a small pleasure to me as regular readers of this blog well know.  A cheese scone and a pot of green tea with rose at Ekor Book Cafe was just the small pleasure needed before Pilates on Saturday.

Time for a cheese scone

Food shopping

This week’s basket included more sausages from Field Roast, this time I got the smoked apple sage which sound delightful.  I also got some parsnip crisps, an avocado, more grapefruit and oranges (my thing right now), a cucumber, tomatoes, more halloumi, some baba ghanouj, a tin of butter beans and some rye bread from Arobake.

Food shopping

My Microgreens

I planted some earlier this week, and the radishes have at least popped up (hence only half a tub being shown).  Looking forward to adding them to a salad.

Microgreens sprouting



On Saturday night, I went to see the final year contemporary students’ performance Once at the New Zealand School of Dance.  This was a special show, composed of ten pieces for the ten dancers, choreographed especially for each dancer by graduates of the school who have since gone on to be performers and choreographers.  I particularly enjoyed the second half of the show, but all in all, a great night and such a brilliant idea to celebrate the 50 years of the school.



Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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