Nourishing the soul

I woke up this Sunday and realised that I had the whole day ahead of me, with no plans. What a lovely thought…so I lay in bed and made a rough plan, a plan that could be changed if I so desired.

After breakfast in bed, always a special treat, I set off to town via the cable car. The Wellington cable car may be classified as a tourist attraction, but it is also a quick way to get to and from town.

Inside one of the cable car tunnels

Despite it being a bit grey and chilly, I walked along the waterfront to the Sunday market. I stopped to enjoy a whitebait fritter as a sort of brunch, before wandering round the market itself.

Delicious (though not exactly plant based)

While walking around, I stopped to taste some really good hummus, and bought two, one bursting with fresh coriander, and the other a refreshing combination of cucumber and mint.  Despite having done most of my food shopping the day before, I couldn’t help but get some more lemons, a capsicum, some more spinach and a bag of mushrooms.

Fresh hummus
Wonderful colours

Then it was time to go home, and settle down with a pot of Monk’s Blend tea from t leaf T and a new book, to pass a good part of the afternoon.

Reading time

There was of course housework and laundry to be done as well, but these things are incidentals.  The sun came out in the afternoon, to remind us that it is indeed spring.

The bush behind the house

And as dinner approached, it was time to open the larder and see what there was.  I decided to use up the mushrooms I bought that morning in a sauce, with lots of garlic, for this lentil pasta I bought a few weeks ago. The pasta was good, the sauce just right, and a baby spinach and tomato salad brought some freshness.

Lentil pasta

And then the evening came, with its usual call of Netflix and the sofa.  I hope you all had a good weekend – and what did you do on Sunday?

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