Soup of the evening, beautiful soup!

With Karl away, I’ve decided to eat mostly plants.  I’ve still got some buttermilk, eggs and feta to use, and treated myself to some Zany Zeus halloumi, so am not going totally vegan this week (plus I went to a work meeting where the only things to eat for lunch were sandwiches with meat…).  However, I am only going to cook and eat vegetarian at home.

I stocked up this weekend on a few things such as peanut butter and almond butter for breakfast, mushrooms, lemons and grapefruit, spinach, halloumi and those wonderful tamari roasted sunflower seeds that make such a good topping for salads.  I also got some different vegan cheese to try (review coming up) and yeast flakes.  Yes folks – I am taking this seriously!


For Monday’s dinner (with left overs for Wednesday) I made soup with the Ancient Grains mix above, which contains quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and lentils with bits of sundried tomatoes.  You can see what it looks like in the featured image at the top of the post.

For the soup, I fried off an onion, added a carrot and chopped up half a dozen baby turnips that were lying at the bottom of the vegetable drawer in the fridge. I used one cup of the ancient grain mix to about 4-5 cups of vegetable stock (from a cube…).  The packet said only one cup was necessary, which was really peculiar, unless that is, you wanted a sort of stew.

The vegetables

Before serving, I added a good bunch of spinach leaves for both colour and vitamins. The sun dried tomatoes also added colour as they rehydrated.

Monday soup

I made myself a toasted ‘cheese’ sandwich to have with it, using Vogel‘s soy and linseed toast bread and dairy free ‘Swiss style’ cheese, that actually melted (as I mentioned above, a review of this is coming up).

A toasted ‘cheese’ sandwich



Verdict: really nice soup after work on a wet day.  The sandwich was really so much better than I expected.

What is your favourite soup?

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*Title of post from the poem Turtle Soup in Alice in Wonderland

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