Wellington on a Plate: lunch, dinner but no breakfast

As this year’s Wellington on a Plate draws to a close, and the nominations for the top five burgers, cocktails and Festival Dishes are announced, yet again I realise just how few things we actually did.  It’s a costly business, and we were away last weekend, but at least this week I tried a pop up event for lunch and an amazing burger.

The Pop Up

The Rimutaka Prison Gate to Plate event sells out every year. It is held at the prison, and the food is cooked and prepared by prisoners, under the guidance and tutelage of Martin Bosley. This year, a pop up lunch time event was organised for those of us who couldn’t get to the main event.  A great idea, it gave us city centre workers a chance to taste some of the food.

There was a choice of three things, and as I stood in the queue and chatted to one of the prison wardens, I finally decided on the salmon.

The menu
The salmon with prawn crackers, salad and sweet treats

The salmon was absolutely gorgeous, and had been a featured item at the main event. The salad was crisp and fresh, and I took the sweet treats back to work to share around.  I can tell you that the mini melting moment biscuits were just perfect.  It was a great idea, and a perfect lunch time treat.

A closer look at the salmon and salad

The Burger

We’ve only managed one burger this year, but gosh was it good!  The Rossini Burger at Zibibbo was a Black Angus beef burger with duck liver parfait and Madeira shallot aioli in a brioche truffle bun, with triple-cooked chips.  The burger was cooked just right and still pink in the middle, the accompaniments were bliss, and the chips hot and tasty.  Just lovely.

…and after

Hopefully, we can pick up something else over the weekend, but if not, we enjoyed what we did experience.  I am also delighted to see the Field and Green are in the running for Best Festival Dish (see what we ate there last week here).

And why no breakfast?  Because I never made it to the pop up toast wagon.  I tend to get to work around 7:15am, and it opened at 7:30am, and I just never got around to leaving the office or arriving late.  Ah well.

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