Sunday lunch and more beer

Not content with all the beer we tried on Saturday at Beervana, on Sunday we headed down to the Sprig and Fern pub in Thorndon for this year’s Beer No Evil, Pie No Evil event.  This is the fourth year this has run, and our fourth year of going.

As in previous years, there are five pies from Siggy’s Pies matched with five beers from the Sprig and Fern brewery. As usual, the pairings were excellent, with just the right beers matched to the pies.

Sunday lunch

This year the pies and beer (going from left to right in the picture above) were Tasman Lager paired with a kumara and coconut pie, an APA with a Tex Mex pie, an English Style Bitter with a pepper steak pie, a Scotch Ale with a Moroccan lamb pie and finally the Chocolate Chilli Porter teamed with a chocolate, chilli and beef pie.

Our take on the combos: I really liked the first pie with the lager – really crisp.  The APA was our favourite beer, and went well with the spicy bean based pie.  Karl’s favourite pie was the pepper steak, and the Scotch Ale with the Moroccan lamb pie got the thumbs up from both of us.

Trying the Tex Mex pie – bean and tomato base with a dollop of sour cream

The final porter was spicy, and to my mind, the small glass was quite enough.  I couldn’t imagine trying to drink a pint of it! The pie was interesting – rich, almost sweet, and full of flavour.  I’ve pictured it in the featured image at the top of the post.

And after all that and a walk home, an afternoon nap was called for – again.

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