A midweek break

Can I make a suggestion?  Take a Wednesday off from work.  It doesn’t mean a longer weekend like a Friday or a Monday, it’s not like being sick and having to lie low in bed.  It means a day to enjoy, it means that ‘humpday’ becomes a thing to enjoy.

I was due some time off in lieu at work, and noticing that a film I wanted to see on the New Zealand International Film Festival was on at 11:30am, normally a time I would be at work midweek, I took the day off.  Naturally, the day was grey and wet, so my plans for walking about town either before or after the film, were put on hold.  Instead I did a large pile of ironing, which while it hardly brought me joy at the time, did when it was done (plus it was a good excuse to watch stuff on YouTube).

A grey day

I also vaguely thought about – yet again – the seemingly never-to-materialise-revitalised blog.  This process has been ongoing for at least 2 years, though at least I have now made some headway on paper.  All I need do now is just need to find some time to get it organised.

Procrastination Thinking time

It was then time to head over to Te Papa to see Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan, about the former prima ballerina who retired at the age of 47, after dancing with the New York City Ballet for 30 years.  We saw her come to terms with a painful hip injury (and undergo surgery), and come to the realisation that she had to retire from the rigours of classical ballet.  The film was very much about someone whose identity was so bound up in their career, that it was a struggle to deal with not being a dancer.  It was an interesting documentary, and of course had some lovely moments of dance.

At Te Papa, prior to the film

On getting home, there was nothing to do but make tea, grab a book, light a scented candle, and get cosy.  What absolute joy.

Just the thing for a winter’s afternoon

And now as evening approaches, it is time to stretch and think about preparing dinner, get ready for a day at work tomorrow, which will at least end with Pilates.  It really has been a day of enjoying the little things.

Time to be cosy

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  1. I always feel like a break in the middle of the week really does help, it’s nice to take time to relax earlier instead of waiting for the weekend! Great post x


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