There and back again: Auckland

There was no time for a midweek post this week what with one thing and another.  Anyway, this was a week when I had to go to Auckland for work, catching an early morning flight, and then working all day.  I had a window seat, so could look at the new dawn and spot Mount Taranaki at one point too.

Lord Auckland, after whom the city was named

I did have some time in between checking in to the hotel and dinner, to pop to Safka for some (mostly) Swedish goodies (and godis if you understand Swedish!). I was so happy to find not only Kalles Kaviar, but also the one with dill which I haven’t had since leaving Europe in 2013.  I got some dill flavoured crisps, Kex and Plopp and some Finnish salty liquorice that I love and haven’t had for ages either.  Sipping the non flavoured Ramlösa mineral water, made me long for the strawberry and lime flavour…anyway, it was a great haul and we now have a few reminders of Sweden at home.

I was also able to enjoy an excellent dinner at Ima Cuisine, particularly enjoying the Sabich, a dish made with chickpeas, potatoes, aubergine, tahini and a touch of chili, and some of the wonderful side dishes such as the grilled carrot salad with feta.  Highly recommended should you be in Auckland.

Friday was a sunny day, and as I was able to catch a slightly earlier flight home, it meant a good end to the working week. Now, however, it is the weekend.


Sky Tower again

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