The importance of plants

This has been a bit of a week of reflection on a number of things, including quite a bit on what I have been eating.  When travelling, I tend to eat what is on offer – club sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and the now and again, the tempting half of a muffin.  It isn’t always healthy, and I always end up feeling full of a mishmash of foods.  I’m not a snacker, but being exposed to plates of things to nibble, puts temptation in the way.

So it was good to eat mostly plant based foods for a couple of days, and forget the junk.  Combining different vegetables and other plant foods (I did eat halloumi…I did say mostly), felt good and necessary.  The plant kingdom offers us such colourful options too, from carrots and lemons to red cabbage and purple cauliflower.

Purple cauliflower

Add to that all the amazing selection of nuts and legumes, and our diet can become a cornucopia of colourful and nutritious plant based foods.  When I was a vegetarian many years ago, the choices were fairly limited (remember soya mince and Sosmix?), but now shops are full of all sorts of things to try and experiment with, and there so many different grains and pulses to try.  I recently bought some walnut spread to try, for example, which although is no substitute for peanut butter, is another source of plant based nutrition to add to the store cupboard.

Walnut spread – not for slathering on breakfast toast, but lovely on crackers as a side dish

After reading Michael Pollen’s In Defence of Food (and I watched the film of the book too), watching the film Food Choices (also about plant based options) and spending two evenings watching vegan bloggers From My Bowl and Pick up Limes on YouTube, not to mention following Mississipi Vegan on Instagram, I am inspired to make more plant based meals. I’m not going to turn vegetarian again at the moment, but I am going to try combining a lot more grains and veggies than I do at the moment, especially for lunch.  I love vegetables anyway, so can’t see this being difficult, more a case of trying out new things (like golden beetroot!).  Let’s hope on next week’s travels I can avoid the muffins…..

How many of you are vegetarian or vegan?  If so, why?

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