That was the week #5

Here we are at Friday again, another week over.  Time seems to be flying by right now, and before we know it, it will be Christmas and summer again.  What happened this week?  Well..

1 We went to the pub quiz at the Sprig and Fern for the first time in ages.  While we were fine on history and general knowledge, when it came to the sport round I think we almost guessed every answer (topic: The British and Irish Lions rugby team….).

2 It has been bitterly cold all over New Zealand, with snow falling down south.  This is the middle of winter, and yet I spotted one lost and lonely hydrangea by the bus stop.  Meanwhile, in the Botanic Gardens, that odd clump of early daffodils I see each year are making their presence known.  Spring is not too far away?

All on its own

3 On Wednesday, I went to an Insight Studio Performance at the New Zealand School of Dance.   The students presented a number of short works in the studio where they train. There was a good sized audience, and it was fun to see the dancers performing in that setting.  I stopped for a warming hot blackcurrant on the way there.

Just the thing for a cold winter evening

4 You know you have adjusted to living in the southern hemisphere when you accept July is winter. You also know that in 3.5 hours you can be on a tropical island.

There were some lovely sunny days again this week as you can see from the featured image at the top.  Cold, bright days where the idea of a hot chocolate and buttered toast sounds perfect.

6 It’s Friday!  Hoorah!  Time to try some Peckham’s blackcurrant cider (seems to be the fruit of the week), and dip some crisps into taramasalata while browsing a magazine,


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