Escape to Fiji

So here we are at the end of our third full day in Fiji, sitting on the balcony, listening to cicadas and sipping wine. Bliss.  Fiji was a bucket list destination for me, so after we booked the trip, the child in me started to jump about with glee. Work was so busy before we left, that I had no time to think or plan what we were going to do, except get on a plane and head north out of winter.

Landing in Fiji

The great thing about Fiji as a destination for Wellingtonians is that you can fly direct from the city with Fiji Air without a tedious mad dash change in Auckland. This makes a huge difference to the journey, I can tell you. We arrived at Nadi airport, to be greeted by four guys playing guitars and singing, which made us smile, and immediately relax as we queued at passport control. We had pre-booked our transport from the airport to the hotel, and arrived at the Sheraton in Denarau in time to unpack, take a quick walk to figure out where things were, and grab some dinner at the hotel (and see some well oiled guys in grass skirts twirl fire torches about…).

I make no apologies for enjoying relaxing holidays by the pool or on the beach. It is wonderful to have space to rest, read, and clear your head of everyday life, and we instantly knew this was going to be one of those holidays.

Where we stayed
One of several infinity pools

And yes…we did spend Monday by the pool relaxing, walking to the marina area for dinner, and switching easily to Fiji time. Bula!

On the Bula bus back to the hotel



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