What to do on a wet holiday weekend

Nine times out of ten it rains on a holiday weekend.  Well, maybe not that often, but it does seem to bring on the bad weather when a Monday off work is in the diary.  Today is the Queen’s Birthday holiday in New Zealand, and as a result, it has rained here in Wellington for a good part of the weekend.  Of course, this means a good excuse to stay indoors with fur throws and pots of tea, but here are some other things to do on a winter weekend when you have time on your hands.

1 Make muffins

Baking is always a good thing to do when it is cold and wet.  Fresh baking smells fill the air, and a sweet treat is always welcome.  I made these treacle, caraway and apple muffins that I found over at blogger Cake for Breakfast.  They are so good, with a perfect combination of flavours.  I highly recommend them, and they go so well with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Muffin and tea
Treacle, caraway and apple muffin
…and the ingredients

2 Watch a movie

Obviously…make it an old favourite like Barefoot in the Park, and enjoy the 60s fashions and hilarious moments.

3 Try a new recipe

For Sunday dinner I made the meat loaf from the new Forest Cantina cookbook, Home.  It was excellent, and there is lots left for Monday’s dinner and my lunch box next week. Unfortunately, the only picture I have of mine was taken 1) after half of one loaf was eaten and 2) in terrible lighting, so here is a picture of the recipe which is so much nicer. It was just the thing for a wet day in winter and something I will definitely do again.

Excellent meatloaf

4  Go out

Pluck up courage, put on a jacket and get outside.  Then go inside and have lunch.  At least you can say you left the house.

Have a BLAT with BBQ sauce at Aramo on Cuba Street


5 Read, blog, do some colouring or a crossword

Well, you had thought of all those things too…but why not do some laundry, 6 weeks worth of ironing or tidy the sock drawer?  Maybe de-clutter that spot that you’ve been meaning to tackle for ages.  Or not.

6 If all else fails, take a nap


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