This must be Thursday

Thursday…a day of hope that the weekend approaches.  ‘Lille fredag’, little Friday as it is sometimes called in Danish, is a day that wants to be the weekend, but isn’t quite.  It strives to be Friday by offering temptations, but not quite succeeding because for those of us who work Monday to Friday, there is still one more day of work to go before we can really switch off.

Today the sun shone, and although I forgot my mobile phone and had to go back to get it (so annoying!), the walk to work was good and set me up for the day.  The morning passed at work, with a group of us delighting over the new book from Unna Birch of The Forest Cantina at morning tea. I can hardly wait for my copy to come.

Lunch was left overs – pasta with aubergine, silver beet, sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese – grabbed at the desk so I can get out for half an hour.  Working in town, it is so tempting to browse the shops nearby.  It is always worth stopping off at Cranfields to see what new things they have and to plan what Tony Sly Pottery  I would like to buy.

Walking along Lambton Quay
Stepping into Cranfields
Tony Sly Pottery

My Thursday treat after work is a Pilates class at The Pilates Studio, which wakes me up and makes me feel wonderful.  Most weeks, I meet Karl for pizza at Heaven Pizza on Cuba Street, and this Thursday was one of them.

Now we are home and watching The Keeper on Netflix with a glass of wine.  Maybe the weekend had begun?

Pizza time

Title adapted from this quote from Douglas Adams This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.  

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  1. LOL – we call it “Friday-eve”…something silly to con ourselves into believing we are just a step away from the weekend! LOL nice to see others coming up with the same thoughts!!


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