This week’s small pleasures #50

This week just flew past….where is time going? Autumn is here in all its colourful glory (see my last post), and that in itself is a small pleasure.

Midweek dinner

I made Frugal Feeding’s pomegranate and lemon Israeli couscous during the week, using pomegranate seeds already pre-packaged, which, along with frozen pumpkin, is a great ‘invention’.  The couscous was so good – I highly recommend you try it.

Pomegranate seeds with lemon, pomegranate molasses and some parsley and coriander

Dinner with friends

Friday night saw us go down to Tinakori Bistro.  I think the aranchini with kimchi worked, and the fried Brussel sprouts with anchovies were clearly only for sprout and anchovy lovers, which includes me.  I opted for the fish with a squid ink miso and grilled lemon.  It was nice, but perhaps a little salty towards the end, which was a similar comment made by one of our party about his dish.  Anyway, it was a great night out and lovely to catch up with friends.

Dance – Three by Ekman

On Saturday, I went to see the triple bill of work by Swedish choreographer, Alexander Ekman, danced by the Royal New Zealand Ballet.  To be honest, this was no small pleasure, but a huge, gigantic pleasure.  Every work was beautifully danced and full of humour and energy.  The dancers really looked as if they were enjoying themselves too.

The tickets
The programme

The three pieces were Tuplet (2012), Episode 31 (2011) (check the rehearsal here ) and Cacti (2010) which was made for Nederlands Dans Teater and which I saw RNZB perform last year.  See excerpts of all three here. It was one of the best evenings of dance I have seen in ages.

Tuplet (picture from the programme)

Dance – Jewels

I spent Sunday afternoon at the Lighthouse Cuba cinema watching Balanchine’s Jewels, performed by the Royal Ballet, and part of the Royal Opera House Live series of live performances on film.  Of course, given the time difference, we in New Zealand don’t watch these live, but it was almost like being in the theatre with the same intervals and same length of performance.  I don’t normally like watching ballet on film, but this was a bit different as it almost felt you were there.  The performances were superb, though the rather silly commentators at the beginning and during the intervals were a little annoying.  The costumes, the same as from the original 50 years ago, looked a little dated, but it was still good to see the whole work (Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds) instead of just the lively and effervescent Rubies.  

The cinema, including the interval screen

Sunday evening

Salmon followed by a fruit crumble (apple, pear and tamarillo), a glass (or two) of sauvignon blanc then Dr Who. It’s a very important time to give yourself a few small pleasures before the week ahead.

Thanks to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the original idea.

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