It’s the first time I’ve done one of The Daily Post challenges, but I liked the idea of temporary as a concept.

I have to fly a lot for work these days.  Sometimes flights are smooth and trouble free, other times bumpy, cancelled or late.  But once you are in the air, sipping your cup of tea, reading, perhaps nibbling on a biscuit*, you are temporarily removed from your daily life.  You are up in the air, above the ground, perhaps watching a sunset or a sunrise.  It is time to doze, or read a book or chat to the stranger next to you about whatever comes to mind.

Flying above the clouds, mountain in the distance

And when you come to land, and descend through the clouds, you know your temporary distancing will be over, and normal life will continue.  Those moments of otherness are now ended, and the suspension in the air ceases.

Coming in to land

*On domestic flights in New Zealand, dependent on the size of the aircraft, you’ll get water, tea, coffee, a biscuit and a lollie.  At certain times of the day, on larger planes, there’ll be wine and cheese and biscuits.

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