The grandeur of the view

It is horrible feeling under the weather, lacking in energy and preferring the sofa to anywhere else.  Anyway, I walked up to the doctor today, and now have antibiotics, a nasal spray and have to have blood tests. Great. But it is Friday, and it is such a gorgeous sunny autumn day, that all feels well in the world.  The view from the top of the cable car early this morning, was stunning, as seen in the headline picture.

While waiting for my prescription, I bought a loaf of dark bread from the German bakery in Kelburn, then popped into Caffe Mode for a hot lemon, honey and ginger, which seemed just the thing on a day like today.

The bread (right), served with dill herring (top) and Over The Moon OMG Triple Cream Brie (below) with cucumber

Lemon, honey and ginger

I walked home via the Botanic Gardens, through the Glen Entrance, and along the Mamaku Way, where it was so peaceful, the only noise were the birds and the running water of the stream.  It was hard to believe I was a 25 minute walk from the city centre.

The walk home
An interesting circular branch

It was then home for some more Gilmore Girls, tea and lunch, reading, dozing and enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Title of the post from the quote below, as seen on Tinakori Road.  Even Major Heaphy thought that nothing beats Wellington on a good day.

Wellington (formerly Port Nicholson)

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