This week’s small pleasures #45

Despite the weather and things being a bit hectic, there were a few small pleasures this week.  I love doing this post every week as it really makes you concentrate on the good things in life.


My cyclamen flowered!  I had given it up for dead, then it began to sprout leaves again,  and after moving it to a sunny spot, it is now flowering again.


A new scented candle

I bought a lovely lemongrass and ginger candle from Lyttleton Lights – smells so fresh and summary.  I also re-found a forgotten jug.  I love it when that happens!  I bought it at Design House Stockholm in Sweden many years ago, and just love the shape and colour.

A scented candle and a favourite jug

Having time to read again…and drink tea

With it being a long weekend, there has been some time just to chill with tea and a book. Nothing else to say about that really!  The book I just finished is another in the series of funny detective novels by Edmund Crispin.  Just the thing for a lazy afternoon.

A cup of Earl Grey and a detective novel

Sunday morning sun

Sunday morning at least was sunny, and Charlie made the most of it.  We took a walk in the Botanic Gardens, and were glad we got out before the clouds rolled in.

Charlie in the sun

Some good food

Lunch with friends on Friday produced some lovely left overs to turn into a potato salad, mini toasts with smoked salmon or herring to have with a pre-dinner drink, and pineapple upside down cake to have with a cup of tea.

Toasted rye bread topped with herring and a glass of sherry

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