What is in my bag

The other day, I saw one of those ‘what’s in my handbag’ posts the other day, and as my bag needed a good tidy up (you should have seen the number of receipts!), I thought I could do a blog post and have a clear out at the same time.  So here we go!

What was in my handbag

From the top left:

A floral zip top wallet filled with small items like a mirror and where you would normally find keys, the glasses cleaner (tucked underneath) and sticking plaster.

My glasses – today just one pair, but normally I have two pairs as I have varifocals for work.  Note the Marimekko case, bought in Malmö.

Diary – still prefer a paper one.  Sitting on top, a packet of the Swedish sweets Läkerol, which makes people talk (or so the advertising would have you believe).  There is also a packet of mints.

My purse with money and loyalty cards.  Bank cards are kept in the green leather case in front.

Torch.  Necessary to see up our steps at night or early morning in the winter.  Really.

Paper tissues and Snapper bus card – essentials.

Red paper clip – unknown source.  Sticking plaster.

Three pens (actually there were six but thought that overkill for the picture).

Antipodes pawpaw lip balm that I got on the flight from Vancouver and a Dr Haushka lip balm.  Can’t have too much lip balm.  There were also two lipsticks, the one shown is MAC’s Craving Amplified.

Four things to tie back my hair, a sample of gorgeous smelling Rose et Reines handcream from L’Occitane.

A small Moleskine notebook and three Air New Zealand lollies (sweets in UK English, candies in US English).

The bag: bought from the Marimekko store in Malmö when we were there last June, this bag holds a lot of stuff.  You can get an iPad in it, or a book.  It goes across the body, which when I had shoulder issues was essential.  This is the third Marimekko bag I have had (no fourth as I also have a large satchel type bag).

What do you have in your handbag?

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