The one when the fog rolled in…

Wednesday morning dawned early for me, as I was up at 4:30am to catch a flight to Auckland. A work trip, I expected to be home in time for a late dinner and early night.  But nature interfered, and as the rain poured down in torrents in Auckland, the fog crept in over Wellington.

By late morning, the airport in Wellington closed, and my flight home was cancelled.  Great.  After getting a new flight (6:30am the following morning), I grabbed my phone and frantically searched for a hotel for the night, grabbing a suite that could sleep four.  It was that or probably failing to get another room.  Luckily the hotel was in the city centre, so I had access to  a supermarket for a toothbrush and a very much needed bottle of wine.  Top Shop was open, and supplied some clean clothes for the morning.

Sky Tower, 4:30am

I was up at 3:45am the next morning, and headed back to the airport.  There was a delay to check in, but that eventually happened.  And then the announcement came that although our flight would take off, there was no guarantee it would land in Wellington.  Great again.  We boarded the plane on time, took off, enjoyed our tea and muffin, and then the approach started….we all held our breath as we heard the wheels drop…and then the man next to me said ‘Oh look there’s the water!  We’re going to land!’  And we did.

A taxi home, a nap, and lots of tea, and I was back at work and went to my Pilates class later.  I fell into my own bed, exhausted, but so happy to be home,

My monthly media consumption post will therefore be a day late.  See you tomorrow!



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