Raining in Vancouver

The good thing about taking a vacation in a city is that it is easy to find things to do when it is raining. And so on Monday, when the skies were grey and the rain was falling, we headed towards town and the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The gallery itself is housed in the former courthouse, and can be found right in the city centre (so, if like us, you have shopping to do, you can break up your spending time with a bit of culture….).  Housed over three floors, there is a lot to see. The entrance fee is $24 for adults, so be prepared if you come from places with free museum and gallery access.

We started with a major exhibition of works by Susan Point, an artist whose work is drawn from the Coast Salish traditions, and she was one of the first indigenous women to carve and work with sculpture. It was quite interesting to see recurring motifs, and you can see her work in the Customs Hall at Vancouver Airport (while you queue for 50 minutes to get your passport checked).

Also on while we were there was an exhibition entitled Ambivalent Pleasures, with exhibits by 40 contemporary artists from Vancouver. I loved some pieces here, particularly some textile pieces.

Rebecca Brewer, Bellmer, 2016


Karl by a work by Garry Neill Kennedy, Finchwell Revisited, 1985-2016

The third exhibition was a 25 metre hand drawn animation and kinetic sculpture by Hong Kong artist Howie Tsui (fascinating) and some other works by Hong Kong artists based in Vancouver. Check before your visit to see what is on.

We had lunch in the cafe there (I had a good quiche with prawns and asparagus, Karl a panini with chicken and bacon), which also has outdoor seating for sunny days. There is a nice gallery shop too if, like me, you always feel a need to buy postcards.

The featured image at the top of the post was taken the day after as we walked in Stanley Park on the way to the aquarium – but more of that next time. As for the shopping I mentioned, I got myself a new much needed winter coat in Nordstrom and a skirt in Banana Republic.  All in a wet day in Vancouver!

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