A Friday evening

Well, here we are, Friday evening already.  It’s still hot (and a bit humid) here in Wellington, where we have escaped the flooding and heavy rain in the north of the country (at least so far).  The cicadas are extremely loud tonight, I guess making the most of a warm evening.

I’m pleased to say I was nominated for a Mystery Blogger Award by Don’t Give a Jam.    However, I’ll need to leave answering the great questions for a few days as I am busy getting ready for a trip.  More on that in my next post.

Meanwhile, not a huge amount to report.  The demolition of the car park behind the Reading Cinema, post the November earthquake, continues, with some businesses open again for business. However, I would not like to be the owner of the flat next to the demolished building which seems to have been damaged by falling concrete.  You can read about the original situation here.

Look at the roof top right hand side
Demolition in progress

Charlie is safe in the cattery, we are enjoying a glass of pinot noir, our stuff is already to pack before our trip tomorrow, and I’ll even manage a Pilates class in the morning.  Life is good.








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