While the sun is bright

I didn’t do a ‘small pleasures’ post this Monday, or one a challenge post either.  Partly because I wasn’t in the mood, but more importantly I have nothing to say, nothing to write about.  I haven’t listened to anything interesting, cooked anything more interesting than a chilli con carne and roasted chicken thighs with a pile of vegetables that had to be used up.  I’ve been to work, enjoyed some summer sun and discussed winter holiday plans.  And that is it.

But the obligation to post something mid week is there, even though all I have to tell you is I am going to the hairdresser tomorrow.  Charlie is still in a very funny mood, coming in to eat, say hello and disappear, though he did sleep with us all Saturday and part of Sunday.  We miss him being here more, and fear another trip to the cattery in March will mean he will really fall out with us.  But we know where he goes, and we know they love him too.

Dear Charlie with his rather untidy collar

So that’s it folks, until hopefully a more interesting post this weekend.  We are off to see The Mikado on Saturday at least and hopefully I can try some new scones at the weekend (I so want to do these grapefruit ones, though it isn’t citrus season here).




  1. I have a black cat too. I have a son that will be going on a class trip to NZ in July! Thanks for the mention of my scones. They were really really good. Maybe not what you were used to but better than the scones we have in America!


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