Perhaps there can be too much making of cups of tea

I honestly believe I managed to overdose on tea this week.  Having (another) day off sick with this never ending cold on Tuesday, plus feeling a need with said cold to have endless cups of different green teas, has almost made me say enough is enough.  But not quite.  As a result of said cold, I also have done nothing this week except continue to binge watch Gilmore Girls, read and feel sorry for myself.  I did, however, do some food and drink related shopping, which always cheers me up.  Here’s a quick round up of 6 things from this week.

A new tea

Despite the excess quantities of tea this week, I nevertheless purchased a new tea from t Leaf T, Monk’s Blend, a fragrant mix of vanilla pieces, jasmine blossoms Earl Grey and a little green tea.  It is really good, and just right for a lazy afternoon pick me up.

A new water bottle

I saw this in a news letter from Tea Pea, and thought that this was for me – I needed a new water bottle and this one looked so cool and practical. It fits perfectly in my everyday bag too.  The memobottle  comes in both A5 and A6 sizes.  I purchased the A6 which holds 375ml of liquid. It feels good to hold, looks stylish and I probably won’t forget to take it with me since it is easy to carry.

The memobottle


It is stone fruit season, and there are plums, apricots, peaches and nectarines in abundance.  I spotted greengages (see featured image above), and could not resist.  They need a couple of days to properly ripen yet, but I can hardly wait to bite into them.

Reading about food

The original edition from 2008

Sausages, olives, tomatoes, basil and chipotle

Saturday food shopping

My fridge after Saturday shopping

I wouldn’t normally let you good people see inside my fridge, but I needed a sixth item for the blog post.  And yes I keep my eggs in the fridge.

A full fridge

And the blog title today is from Barbara Pym’s Excellent Women


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