This week’s small pleasures # 40

Welcome to the 40th This week’s small pleasures post.  The sun came out on Saturday, as can be seen in the featured image above, so that was clearly one small pleasure this week.  Actually, after a very stormy morning, the sun is out again this afternoon and the cicadas are singing again.

Shopping for the home

I bought a few things for the house this week, including a much needed new blue pepper mill from Le Creuset, a small bowl (as if I don’t have enough…) with a spoon and two ceramic butter knives from Country Road.  Apart from the pepper mill, nothing else was really needed but all brought me pleasure.

The new pepper mill

Pickled cherries

I tried the pickled cherries I made a while back and gosh are they good!  I used some in Sunday’s dinner, when I cooked some duck breast with a sauce made from port, the cherries, thyme and some chicken stock.

Sunday breakfast (again)

Organic San Francisco sourdough bread topped with goat cream cheese and the blueberry chia seed jam I made recently.

Breakfast bread
The first bite

Time to read…and a new scarf

Reading time

Having space and time to read has been great.  I also bought a new scarf, not that I need another one, but I just loved this one (also from Country Road).  It does mean I have two with rose pink dots too.  Maybe I should re-read Marie Kondo and clear out my scarf box?

Idea of a small pleasures post – thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering.

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