A cup of tea would restore my normality

Despite a great trip to Sydney, a long weekend in the Wairarapa and last weekend’s short trip to Taranaki, this year has felt sluggish.  Yes I know I’ve been doing a bit more exercise and have ‘done stuff’, but for some reason my get up and go seems to have got up and left.  I noticed a few other bloggers feeling the same, and whether it is because we are having such a rubbish summer weather wise (I read that the melting ice in Antarctica is cooling the sea around New Zealand – now isn’t that a fun thought?), world events or whatever, I really felt in need of a boost.

However, it seems that enforced sofa lying and Netflixing seem to have done the trick.  While my sinuses feel like they are stuffed with cotton wool, I seem to have picked myself up a little.  Maybe that was what was needed!  Or maybe it was the gorgeous sunny day we had on Saturday, that started with poached eggs on toast, moved on to tea at Ekor Book Shop Cafe, before Pilates, food shopping, reading, sleeping and sitting in the sun.

Interior 1
Interior 2

Tucked away on College Street, Ekor is a little hidden gem of a place.  Full of books, pastries (including some from Leeds Street Bakery) and teas, it’s a great wee place to pass some time.  I enjoyed some green tea with rose petals from Fine and Dandy, but resisted the pastries on offer.

A pot of tea

Anyway, now it is time to return to the sofa and consider the week ahead.  Fingers crossed it’s a good one.

Music for this post: Valerie June You Can’t Be Told.

Title is from Douglas Adams Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


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