Making something to eat

I’m lying here on the sofa, pot of green tea beside me, Gilmore Girls on Netflix, books to read beside me and at home on a Friday.  Yes folks, I’m off work sick with a sore throat and aches all over.  We’ve all been saying at work for days ‘think I’m coming down with something’ and so I have, along with my husband.  We’re in for a fun filled weekend!   Still, we have echinacea and ginger tea on hand to help in the cure.

Anyway, I had to make some lunch with things from the cupboard and fridge – on the day before we do our shopping, so it was a case of using what there was.  Last time I was off sick I cooked myself some black bean pasta, and found myself turning to that again.  This time, I fried off a clove of garlic (good for a cold), and mashed in a couple of anchovies, then tossed in a handful of halved cherry tomatoes.  Not a true puttanesca by any means, but you can never go wrong with garlic and tomatoes.

Garlic, anchovies and tomatoes

I then threw in a large bundle of baby spinach leaves into the pasta for the last few seconds of cooking, before tipping everything together in the frying pan and then into the waiting bowl before adding some black pepper.

Lunch (with steam).

Anyway, after that it was time for yet more series 1 of Gilmore Girls and more tea.  I can see the sofa being my friend this weekend.

* Title inspired by Nigel Slater “There is too much talk of cooking being an art or a science – we are only making ourselves something to eat.”

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