Pilates, pizza and pinot

There are a few of us who meet each Friday at work for morning tea.  It’s a time to catch up and gossip, and talk about the week past and the weekend ahead.  I happened to say in passing that after my Pilates class yesterday, I had met my husband and gone for pizza.  One of my colleagues cried ‘Oh! Pilates, pizza and pinot – what a perfect combination!’ and have to say, I thought so too, and kept her idea for my blog title.  I love Pilates, enjoy pizza and can never resist a good pinot noir.

Her comment made me think of some things just go together…tea and toast, coffee and dark chocolate, cheese and pickle, soft, white bread and homemade jam.  Then there’s the wonderful contrast of a sharp cheese with a sweet slice of pear or quince jelly, the salty tang of a good feta against a tomato or a garlicky aioli with a steak and new potatoes, and of course, a glass of pinot noir (just known as ‘pinot’ in these parts).  And there are there are things that maybe shouldn’t work…like a seafood pizza (one of my favourites).

Seafood pizza, as featured in an earlier blog post

While I guess many people associate New Zealand wines with sauvignon blanc, pinot (noir) is hugely popular and there are many excellent ones out there.  So much so, that this summer sees the Summer of Pinot event, with wine tastings and a prize draw to win 115 bottles of pinot.  Sounds good!

But for now on this Friday evening, let’s think of curious combinations like Pilates, pizza and pinot.  Anyone out there have any other good ideas for a perfect midweek evening?



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