The small things of life are often so much bigger than the great things

It is already Thursday evening in Wellington.  The day began with a ‘weather bomb’, with gale force winds and rain, but by lunch time, the sun came out and Wellington looked its beautiful self again.  The weather has been so changeable of late, that I carry sunglasses and a beanie hat to cover all eventualities.

It has also been a week when I failed in a goal for 2017.  This was the absolute disaster of a first attempt at ‘aerial yoga’ or ‘antigravity’.  Why I even thought I would be able to do it I don’t know, but the word of 2017 is ‘courage’.  I thought it would be a slow class building up to hanging upside down from a hammock, but no, the third thing we did was to invert and look like a bat, and I realised this was not the place I wanted to be.  Ah well….

But there have been so many small things that have brightened up each day.  The small and feel of a new magazine, the taste of a Florentine biscuit from Mojo with morning tea at the office and the soft touch of a cashmere sweater bought for less than half price in a sale.  There are hydrangeas everywhere, many of them just growing by the street like these ones by a bus stop.

A floral display by the bus stop
An amazing colour

It was also a week when I came home from work, grabbed an aubergine, large courgette, red capsicum, garlic and a tin of tomatoes and made an instant ratatouille. The purists may sniff, but who cares?  Just soften an onion, add some garlic, throw in an aubergine cut up small, then a red capsicum (pepper) and a large courgette.  When they all begin to brown, throw in a can of tomatoes, a can of water and seasoning (salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs that you have).  Cook until all is soft and to your liking.  Pour over pasta, serve with chicken, or eat in a big bowl on its own topped with grated cheese.

A glorious purple aubergine

*Title adopted from Barbara Pym “The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things . . . the trivial pleasure like cooking, one’s home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.”



  1. One of my husband’s favourite authors, and she was so right about the small things 🙂 love your photographs.

    And I don’t think you failed at all . . . .sounds to me like it is a failure on part of the teacher. Not the first time I have heard or come across a yoga teacher who jumps straight into difficult moves despite having said class is suitable for beginners, and scares off people from going again. 😦 hope you find an alternative goal (or maybe teacher!!).

  2. I love hydrangeas. Wonderful colours! Mine is almost dead in the cold at the moment but it always buds again in the spring. Pity about the yoga. I saw some photos of a place in Athens that does it. What will they think of next. Stick to headstands!

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