Strolling in Sydney

There is nothing better than being in a city, with time to wander and explore, when one doesn’t have to rush to meetings and when the day is a blank canvas. The sun came out on our second day in Sydney, and so we headed out for a stroll, with our first goal of The Museum of Sydney. This small but interesting museum, it gives a good overview of the history and background of the city. There is an entrance fee, which I only point out as I am used to museums being free!

Outside The Museum of Sydney
Captain Arthur Philip

From there we walked along Macquarie Street, past the hospital first completed in 1816,  St James’ Church (1824) and the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, which we didn’t go into, but just walked about the grounds.

Hyde Park Barracks

On that day, we bypassed the Australian Museum (there was a long queue) returning there a couple of days later when it was raining.  Here you can find a large section dedicated to the first peoples of Australia, which we both found really interesting and well presented.  The other part of the museum is dedicated to Australian and other wildlife. The most interesting part was a section on birds and animals you can find in your own back yard if you live in Sydney, though the kids there seemed more interested in the household objects like bowls of crisps and empty beer bottles in the displays than the wildlife!

We also visited the Museum of Modern Art situated down by the waterfront and home to many works of Australian and other contemporary art.

Time for art

This is such a good museum, and we particularly enjoyed the pieces from the collection and the Primavera at 25 exhibit of works by young artists which you can read about here.

Nature’s Gold

My favourite work was by the Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Seven Sisters, Tree Women, a work full of energy, movement and joy. You can see a picture of it here.

And that was us for our cultural experiences! Next up…..a trip to Manley.




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