The groaning board: blogmas 23 December

So, tomorrow is Chrismas Eve.  The presents are under the tree, the ham, meatballs and herring are ready for tomorrow, the snaps is in the freezer and….I am fighting off a cold.  I took yesterday (Thursday) off work and stayed tucked up with the cat, cooking some of the black bean pasta I bought a while back for lunch, whisking in a little olive oil, lemon juice, parmesan, parsley and topped with some asparagus and cherry tomatoes.

A colourful and nutrious lunch for a semi-invalid

Still, after extra strength echinacea, I rallied in time to go for dinner with friends at Bebemos, where I ate stuffed calamari with chorizo, white beans and spinach, on a red pepper and roasted tomato sauce along with a couple of mussels.

An excellent dinner

But this is the time of year to eat well, to enjoy the excesses of the season. As I look at all the food, from potatoes to ham, from raspberries and strawberries to chocolate and mince pies, I’m wondering how two people will be able to get through it all….

Featured image at the top of the post: a pavlova, the classic New Zealand desert for this time of year, made by a friend.

PS  I am having problems with the blog – not receiving notifications of posts from other bloggers and don’t think mine is featuring on the normal stream of WordPress blogs.  Please let me know if you are still getting email notifications about this post if you are a subscriber.


  1. Emails still arriving here. Hope you feel better by christmas day. Not so many hours away for you.

    Kronia Polla kai kala christouyenna


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