The Christmas Stocking: blogmas 20th December

One of the biggest thrills of childhood Christmases was the stocking at the end of the bed on Christmas morning.  Waking up and prodding and poking it to try and guess what was in it, then getting into my parents’ bed with my brother to open up the little things inside.  There was always a pencil and a notebook, a cracker peeping out of the top, and when I was really small, a strange little bottle of orange juice.  Then there was the year that ‘Santa Claus’ forgot to take all the price tags off, and me and my brother added up everything to see who got the most expensive stocking (much to my mum’s mortification).

Anyway, I still love to collect together things for stockings, and to open mine on Christmas morning.  Finding little, fun, useful or needed things to fill a stocking over the weeks leading up to Christmas is something I actually enjoy.

Stocking waiting for Christmas Eve

The stocking in the featured image at the top was knitted for me by my mum.  I think she did a whole series for various members of the family.  It must be at least 20 years old now, but it still comes out year after year.  I wonder what I will find in it this year?


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