The Christmas Tree: blogmas 17 December

It’s Saturday, it sunshine and shorts weather, and it’s time to put up the Christmas tree.  Even though this is our fourth Christmas here, it still feels odd to be putting up the tree in the middle of summer.  Still, it has to be done.

Here in New Zealand we have an artificial tree, though I think all previous Christmases when we have been at home, there has been a real tree.  Anyway, the plastic one is probably better in the summer (and given Karl and my experiences with Christmas trees, probably for the best – read the post from 10 December to find out what I mean!).

One of the new decorations for this year, suitable for summer
A bringer of gifts and a New Zealand flag
Decorating the tree on a lovely summer day

There are old decorations, like the little drummer boy (featured at the top of Friday’s blogmas post) which I have had since I was a child, and new, like the slice of watermelon above. There are decorations from Sweden and Sri Lanka, a little tinsel, and an ancient fairy, who sat atop the trees of my childhood.  Maybe it’s feeling a bit more like Christmas now?

The fairy my mum made – even older than me
Star (with the cables of the lights)

*Featured image is of ampelmann carrying branches of pohutukawa, the Kiwi Christmas tree

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