The Secret Santa: blogmas 14 December

The Secret Santa – a possible minefield or a possible surprising treat.  If you don’t know what a Secret Santa is, it’s an ‘event’ in workplaces where you pull a name from a hat and buy a present for that person for a fixed sum, with the gifts distributed usually before the Christmas ‘do’, whatever that might be.  Today was our day for Secret Santa and an afternoon tea.

My team’s Secret Santa box at 8am this morning – Body Shop seems popular
Another team’s Secret Santa box
The office at Christmas

Whoever picked me, obviously knows me, as I got a book about cats, and not just any cats, but cats gone bad.

Thanks Secret Santa!

After opening all our gifts, we moved on for a team meeting, afternoon tea and a bubble blowing competition to see who could blow the biggest soap bubble (I came 4th).

So, how, you may ask, does the featured image at the top of the post relate to Secret Santa?  Well, it was a gloriously sunny, warm summer’s day here in Wellington, and I actually began to feel in the holiday spirit.  After all, only 6 more working days until summer holidays……



  1. When you say secret santa and an afternoon tea it makes secret Santa seem so much fancier! I think i will start adding ‘and an afternoon tea’ to all events to up the fancy lol :))

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