Thorndon Fair – Blogmas 4 December

The first Sunday of December is the day of the Thorndon Fair, which takes place (obviously!) in Thorndon, one of the oldest suburbs of Wellington.  The author Katherine Mansfield was born here, and there are several houses of historic interest as well as the Prime Minister’s residence, Premier House.  The fair has been on the go since 1977, and raises funds for Thorndon School.  There are around 250 stalls selling everything from jewellery to olive oils.

We wandered down this year to be greeted by morris dancers! Not quite what we expected but fun nevertheless.  In the grounds of Premier House, there was a stage with different performances as well as the usual face painting for kids and the perhaps not so usual, a children’s chess tournament.

Morris dancers
Thorndon Fair, Tinakori Road
One of the stalls
Hawaiian dancers, Premier House car park

We had a good browse, and I managed to get a couple of Christmas presents and some cards, as well as a pot of basil and feta spread, some of the smoked garlic seasoning I like to have handy (and a free head of smoked garlic) and a blue bowl, just because I liked the colour.  For the first time ever, I did not buy chutney, jam or pickles as I usually do whenever I go to these kind of events, but I did pick up a book about how to make them as a kind of substitute!

We picked up a burger for lunch at Cosa Nostra, stopped for a beer at The Sprig and Fern, and then walked home up the hill, just as the sun started to break through the clouds.

Lunch being cooked



  1. Thank you for the stroll through the fair. whew tinakori road. Brought back memories, 40 years ago when I was a student living nearby. Love the nlogmad


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