Talking about nothing…except rose ice-cream

What a week…it started well with some glorious sunshine, with sushi in the park for lunch, with sitting outside at home after work.  And then, curiously, as the final votes were being cast in the US, the sky turned a strange colour, with a yellowish tinge, and since then we have had low-lying mist and rain.  Other strange things happened too such as a document scanned in my a colleague turning into Japanese….

Actually, world events (and strange office happenings) apart, it’s been a bit of a dull week.  I was too tired on Tuesday to write a Cee’s Challenge post, though I did take a photograph for it, in response to a question about favourite sweets/candies.  Wednesday went by, Thursday was Pilates and now it is Friday already.

Fancy salty liquorice

I actually had a day off work today, which proved to be a busy day, what with packing Anton’s suitcase for his journey to Denmark, going to Xtend Barre and welcoming my nephew for the weekend.  Having a visitor in our house means desert, and as I was too stressed tired to make anything, we had some ice-cream.  Alongside family favourite hokey pokey I picked up a tub of Lewis Road Creamery rose ice-cream. Well…what can I say…creamy, rosey, delicious and a luxury treat not to be shared.  I was quite happy that husband and nephew were not keen.

Rose ice-cream

So, that was my week.  Hope you have had something more interesting happening in your world this week!

“I love to talk about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about.” Oscar Wilde.



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