This week’s small pleasures: week 31

Even though last week was busy (and Monday the 24th was a holiday too), and despite feeling as if I was coming doing with a cold, a restful weekend seems to have helped a lot both with both preventing the cold and helping me to switch off before yet another hectic week. Anyway, here’s to this week’s small pleasures….

Saturday lunch

After a nice slow start and Pilates and food shopping in the morning, I stopped for an early lunch at Field & Green – you can read about it in my Saturday post here.

Food shopping

Some French rye bread to have with homemade pea soup for dinner, a different brand of coconut yoghurt with a great label and ‘even though I shouldn’t eat it’, some Over the Moon Black Truffle Brie which I can guarantee is as good as it sounds (if you are a cheese lover).

Sunday breakfast

With husband away, I had breakfast in bread.  Some grapefruit (too messy to eat in bed, but enjoyed in the kitchen), French rye bread toast with peanut butter, and coconut yoghurt.  I used the time to catch up with Bloglovin’, including a wonderful post from What Should I Eat For Breakfast – have to try those savoury cup cakes!

Toast, Fix & Fogg peanut butter, tea and coconut yoghurt

Tidying up

You may laugh, you may scoff, but I had a great time on Sunday morning clearing out the wardrobe and all those we sample toiletries one tends to pick up.  It was satisfying throwing things away!

Xtend Barre

It’s great to be back doing these classes again, albeit just once a week and without weights, but it is so good to be ‘dancing’ and moving about.

Flying home

Landing in Wellington

Thanks again to Mani over at A New Life Wandering for the idea – check out her small pleasures this week and also flghtlssbrd for her small pleasures.


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