Watching, listening, reading: October

It’s that time again for a round up of the past month’s consumption of media.  There’s been a lot of watching and listening and not quite as much reading as I would have liked.  Well, summer is coming, and hopefully a chance to sit in the sun with a good book.


You can tell it is autumn in the northern hemisphere as all the good drama serials have started up again after a lull over the summer months ‘up there’. It’s also interesting to be back watching serials with episodes a week apart, just like in the old days where we only had terrestrial TV to keep us amused and no boxed sets or video on demand.  Series 3 of The Fall, the psychological police drama starring Gillian Anderson, has started over on BBC.  Series 1 was gripping, series 2 was a logical follow up but series 3, while still a taught thriller, feels as if the producers are milking a great idea.  Still, it’s good to watch and see what happens, and to see Krister Henriksson (best known to us as Wallander) as Dr Larson.  Sticking to drama, we’re also watching the second series of The Missing, also on BBC.  The story this times focuses on Sam and Gemma Webster, whose daughter Alice went missing in 2003. Alice mysteriously returns home 11 years later, and may have been held captive with a missing French girl, Sophie Giroux.  The detective from series 1, Julien Baptiste, assists in investigating the case.  You really have to concentrate while watching, as there are lots of hidden clues and blind alleys.  Still on drama, we have started to watch series 2 of the Australian produced The Code about two Canberra based brothers, one a journalist one a computer hacker.   We’ve just started this so more next month.

We are also following Designated Survivor, about the aftermath of an explosion that claims the lives of the President and all members of the cabinet apart from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (played by Kiefer Sutherland).  I do wonder if they can sustain the 22 episodes though and I have a feeling we won’t stick with it to the end.

It hasn’t all been drama. We caught up with the Netflix documentary about Amanda Knox, which I at least found quite riveting.  Oh and of course all those old music compilation programmes on BBC…which at times make you realise 1) how old you are and 2) what you really listened to in your youth!

Charlie – making media and consuming media


This month’s favourite podcast listening has included the return of Radio Cherry Bombe (and yes I have got around to subscribing to the magazine) and a wonderful episode on Invisibilia from July on The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes which I cannot recommend enough.  I also enjoyed an interesting episode of The Lively Show about word usage and how we can change our mood and attitudes to things by a subtle change in words we chose. I’ve also been listening to some other programmes on Heritage Radio Network and naturally my usual favourites on BBC Radio 4The Archers, The News Quiz and lots of old comedy which is perfect to cook and to do housework.

October’s ear worms: Radio Cherry Bombe’s theme tune All Fired Up – listen once you can’t stop singing it for the whole day.  I’ve started listening to Liz Phair again and asking myself why I hadn’t in an ages.


In between the pile of magazines and some Elizabeth Taylor short stories, I thoroughly enjoyed Eleanor Catton’s first book The Rehearsal.  It’s a wonderful maze of interwoven stories and characters that grabs your attention from page 1.  I’m getting through Jonathan Franzen’s Purity and so far think it is one of his better books but I’ll give a proper comment on it next month.

Cover photo: after sleeping for 5 hours, Charlie went out into the sun and dozed off, ears twitching now and again whenever he heard a tui.

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