That was the week…#4

It’s Friday, at last.  The week just gone has been so incredibly busy at work, that home is a haven to come home to, eat, watch something (we’ve got three serials on the go right now) and fall asleep.  We’ve had good, sunny days, we’ve had rain, we’ve had wind, we’ve had still moments, we’ve had spring weather.

img_9134Looking out of the upstairs living room window, early Friday morning

There was no time to blog, barely time to read, though laundry got done and I went to an Xtend Barre class for the first time in months which I thoroughly enjoyed and made me realise that my frozen shoulder is melting away.

There were moments where I could appreciate the beauty of nature around me, moments where I laughed and Charlie-the-cat moments (his new thing is to take a nap inside our wardrobe).

img_9138Flower after the rain

But now it is Friday evening in New Zealand, with the weekend ahead.  There’s Pilates to go to, biscuits to make, and hopefully the weather will be good enough for a trip somewhere on Sunday.  There’ll be leisurely breakfasts, glasses of wine and hopefully time to sit and start a new book.  I’m feeling better already…..

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