Trying something different gives amazing results

Regular readers might remember that back in May, I had a sudden nostalgic moment with the sight and smell of a dropped scone/Scotch pancake/hot cake. Actually, even just writing those words, I can just imagine the taste and texture, the butter, the jam.

Anyway, before I start drooling, on Sunday evening I made some buttermilk hot cakes/Scotch pancakes for desert that I served with the apple and cider compote I mentioned in a post about cider last week.  Normally, I would make a Scotch pancake with ordinary milk and use whole eggs, but this recipe was a little bit different and produced the most wonderfully light hot cakes.  The recipe comes from the August-September edition of Dish magazine and the recipe can be found at this link here.

The pinch of nutmeg added a richness to the flavour, the buttermilk and adding egg yolks and whites after each other produced a very light and airy hot cake. Topped with the cider-glazed apples, it made for a really lovely desert, the apples having a rich and full flavour that went so well with the hot cakes.  The recipe suggests maple syrup and/or icing sugar, neither of which are needed as it is really sweet enough (I also missed out the honey suggested for the apples in the original recipe).


 A buttermilk hot cake with cider-glazed apples and a dollop of Greek yoghurt, already sampled

So, next time you want to try something normal, try something different and you’ll probably find it amazing.  Not that I think Maya Angelou’s sentiment wjust applies to food…

(Those of you reading this on a phone, probably can’t see the featured image at the top – why I haven’t yet figured out.  It is a quote from Maya Angelou ‘If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be’).


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