This week’s small pleasures: episode 23

Last week was a very mixed week, both in terms of weather and my mood.  Anyway, there were a few things that easily count as small pleasures.  I’m posting this on Sunday (today) instead of Monday, as tomorrow we are having a guest to stay.  Thanks to Mani (who has just moved to Texas) over at A New Life Wandering.


Spring sunshine

There have been quite a few pictures in recent posts of spring and good weather (see featured image as well) but it is so good to feel the warmth and see the sun, that I can’t help myself. And after all, nothing beats Wellington on a good day.  Charlie also really appreciated it.

IMG_8766Charlie, sunbathing

New shoes

I was in the market for new shoes, and opted for these wine red patent leather brogues – fancy and practical.  Now to hope they are as comfortable as they were in the shop!



It is my step-son’s birthday tomorrow and Father’s Day in New Zealand today, so two reasons to bake a cake.  The chosen one was this marble cake, a combination of vanilla and chocolate.  If you fancy making one, I used this recipe from the BBC Good Food site.


Fresh out of the oven


What?  The contrast in weather between yesterday and today could not be more marked.  From sunny weather, warm enough to sit on the terrace, to lots of rain.  This did mean though that I did some tidying and found a couple of things I thought I had misplaced. Somehow, this is always a small pleasure.


  1. That cake looks good, I want some. I like rainy days. I’m not a hot weather person, so cloudy and rainy, or cool and sunny, is my preference 🙂
    Have a great week! I’m glad you keep up with these. It’s fun to read other people’s small pleasures, and I find it fun and uplifting to look back on the week in a positive light.


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