This week’s small pleasures: episode 22

Yes it is Monday evening again, and time for some more small pleasures from last week,  Thanks again to A New Life Wandering.  It’s a great way to reflect on the week just past.

Treats for me

On Saturday morning, after my usual Pilates class, I went for a massage.  My neck had been so stiff, it was wonderful to get ironed out a bit.

Banana Bread

I stopped on the way to Pilates for a cup of tea and a slice of banana bread at Mojo’s in the St James Theatre.  Yes, I had had breakfast, but I figured I wouldn’t have time for lunch, so I had a second breakfast instead.  The piece was huge and very delicious.  Some of their other loaves looked equally interesting – an excuse needed to go back perhaps?


Banana bread and butter


With spring on the horizon, officially at the end of the week, it was time to bring some of these golden beauties into the house.  It was also Daffodil Day on the 26th August, with money raised for The Cancer Society of New Zealand for research into treatments, cures and  the care of those diagnosed with the disease.


A (mini) host of golden daffodils

Eating out (though not as much as we could have done)

Wellington on a Plate is over, and we only managed three things, though what we did eat, we enjoyed.  We also enjoyed a great meal as usual before the rugby (see next item) at Cosa Nostra on Tinakori Road.  I had an excellent risotto with prawns and pancetta, Karl a chicken and pasta dish and our friend a first class calzone.


To be fair, I wouldn’t call this a ‘small pleasure’, but we did have a great night out at the rugby on Saturday, watching the All Blacks beat the Wallabies (ie New Zealand beat Australia) 29:9 as part of the Bledisloe Cup competition.  Great atmosphere and the right result (not being biased or anything, but the All Blacks played so much better than the Wallabies).


Bledisloe Cup in progress, Saturday evening, Wellington

Spring and warmer days

Need I say more?  The birds are beginning to sing in the morning, flowers are blooming everywhere and it was almost warm enough to sit outside on Sunday.  The first spring lambs are gamboling about.


Sunday skies


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