Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

When you are stuck in an office during the week like I am, there are certain high points during the day: morning tea, lunch time and, an activity I participate in with some colleagues, the 3pm quiz break.  These events punctuate the working day, as if we were patients in a hospital or inmates in a jail (the quiz is known as ‘prison break’).

This week my I spent my lunch time in a number of ways. One of my excursions involved a walk along the waterfront, where my colleague and I spotted a seal in the water who appeared to be enjoying his city centre trip, and two brave souls in swimsuits jumping into the water (please remember it is winter here in New Zealand).  Another lunch time was taken up with the physiotherapist – not so fun.  Yet another with chores – getting a new name tag for Charlie the cat and popping to the chemist.  One lunch time though was taken up with a short visit to the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts to have a look at the entrants to the Parkin Drawing Prize.


NZ Academy of Fine Arts

As usual with this type of exhibition there was a real variety of genres, medium, skill, subject matter and interpretation of ‘drawing’. Below are a couple of my favourites.


Sam Harrison ‘Portrait’


Philip Madill ‘Exhibitionary Complex’


The winner – Hannah Beehre ‘The Catastrophe’ – has to be seen in real life


Martin Ball ‘Taped iii’


A pile of drawing books

But now it is the weekend, and lunch time tomorrow will be taken up with a massage after Pilates and Sunday….well, who knows?  Whatever, lunch times are important stopping points in the day.

Title of post, as many of you will recognise, comes from Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

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