This week’s small pleasures: episode 21

Here we are again on a rather wet Monday evening, thinking about the small pleasures that brought a smile to my face during the week.  Thanks to Mani at A New Life Wandering for the idea, who still found time to post despite getting ready to move.

1 The weather

Today may have been wet and grey, but the weekend and the end of last week was gorgeous.  There’s no need for me to remind you about Wellington on a good day, is there?


A sunny lunch time last week

2 Signs of spring

The magnolia is coming out (the featured image was taken on Sunday in the Botanic Gardens), the tulips are poking their heads through the soil, the daffodils are out and I’ve seen several blackbirds out collecting twigs to build nests.


Signs of spring


Flowers in our back yard

3  Walking through the Botanic Gardens

I do this every day walking to work, usually hurrying on through, lunch box in hand.  On Sunday when we walked back from our beer and pie tasting, we stopped off to say hello to the ducks.  I should do that more often.


Hello ducks!

4  Buying new table linen

I picked up some new napkins and place mats in a colour good for spring.  Now I need to find a good excuse to use them…


Spring time on the table

5  Soup

I love soup, I’m useless at taking pictures of it.  Nothing beats a bowl of soup, and here we have a yellow split pea soup with bacon and carrots that we ate with warmed ciabbata.


Soup time

6  Charlie

After contributing a few words to this blog post again (which I deleted as it was more or less what he said last time), Charlie collapsed with the effort and fell asleep on the table.  Yes, I know he shouldn’t be there, and I will move him shortly, but with his paws in the air and his head upside down, he just looked too cute.


Charlie – not a good place to rest

And there are a few of my small pleasures from this week.  We’ve a few things planned in the week ahead, so hopefully there will be some moments to savour. Enjoy your week!












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